About Shelley

Shelley Sanders is a business intuitive and medium.  Shelley’s first introduction to mediumship was at age four when she could see, hear, and speak to love ones on the other side.

Through working with clients, Shelley understands the importance of closure.  Whether working one to one or in a group setting her clients get the opportunity to say, “I love you, I miss you, and good bye”.

She went on to study evidential mediumship with Cindy Kaza, where she learned to push boundaries, and go beyond her comfort zone.  Now, she brings through messages with accuracy, kindness, integrity, laughter, and love.  She found a special flow of mediumship that’s natural and unique to her personal style.

She understands the importance of providing psychic / intuitive readings to bring clarity to your most pressing questions.  Shelley is a certified psychic under Lisa Williams LWISSD.

She will connect with your inner wisdom to gain insights around money, relationships, business, career, health, and spiritual growth.  If you’re looking to shift directions in life, then booking a session is ideal for you.

Shelley has over 25 years’ experience in the corporate world.  She takes the practical skills learned in business and combines them with nonphysical energies to help her clients translate their gifts into successful lives and profitable businesses.

Taking action is key and that’s why Shelley helps her clients connect into their inner wisdom to take the path of least resistance.  Allow Shelley to help you uncover what’s getting in the way of taking action so you can move forward in every area of your life.